Thank You!

Thanks for the kind words and well wishes everybody..

I had a relaxing morning, walking the dog and hanging out with Dawn in the hood. Of course, I was disappointed not to break onto council, but thanks to so much support from so many of you: we elected an unprecedented number of Greens, and Adriane Carr topped the votes for any councillor.

I feel great. I spent the election day campaigning on the Drive and gotta whole lotta love and validation. I know I topped the polls in most of my immediate East Van ridings, and polled high in most of the urban ridings — if we had a ward system, maybe things would have worked out differently.

I knew going into this that we were underdogs, with limited resources going up against well-greased big money campaign machines with robocallers, paid canvassers and million-dollar ad budgets. But even without those resources, we put up a great fight, raised the bar, and made some awesome gains.

I'm humbled by confidence that 46,500 Vancouver voters had in me.

Down but not out — I'm just gonna dust myself off and get right back into the ring!