The Straight Slate for the 2014 municipal election: suggestions for your vote

As Vancouver prepares to vote this saturday, I was honoured to be included on the Straight Slate picks for City Council as one of the most transparent politicians running for office.

"Because of widespread concern over low voter turnout, we’ve compiled a Straight slate to shed more light on candidates worth supporting. Don’t consider these as endorsements, just recommendations to help readers who haven’t paid much attention to civic politics. We’ll begin in Vancouver, where 10 councillors, nine school trustees, and seven park commissioners will be elected.

Fry, son of veteran Liberal MP Hedy Fry, is one of the most transparent politicians running for office. He posted his answers to the Vancouver & District Labour Council’s candidates survey on his website, where you can also read his blunt views on housing affordability and development. As chair of the Strathcona Residents’ Association, he was deeply involved in the debate over the future of the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts, arguing that their removal is a good idea but saying not enough consideration is being given to residents east of Gore Avenue. He played a role in the creation of the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods, which aims to enhance the accountability and fairness of the planning process."

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