25 Years Later, Residents Still Waiting for Park

photo c/o False Creek Residents Association

Have you noticed the green lights on the towers around the northeastern end of False Creek? Have you noticed that giant fenced-in parking lot that sometimes hosts the circus - but is mostly empty?

Well, both sights are related to the park that was supposed to be built, per 1990 terms negotiated between the City, Province, and developers Concord Pacific who own that land - indeed that was the pitch when the towers around City Gate were built and residents purchased, and those residents have already paid for that park via the developer cost levies and community amenity contributions that was tied into their purchase price.

Yesterday, Concord lobbied the developer-friendly Vision Vancouver government to re-zone a connected plot of land for two new towers, which has been deferred to public hearing. The city are claiming that the goal posts have moved, and any of the promised park will need to be postponed pending the removal of the viaducts, in order to (wait for it) build more towers (up to 22 according to an earlier Geoff Meggs pitch for viaducts removal).

Meanwhile, Concord has been getting a sweetheart tax deal on the land they hold; well-funded and developer-connected Vision Vancouver dominate city council and typically pass rezonings despite public hearings; and 24 years later, North East False Creek is still waiting for their broken promise of a park.

What should our priorities and responsibilities be as a city: Development? Profit? Livability? Community?

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