A tale of two, city's

Two stories, one address - but a common malaise and a failure of city government to address real issues affecting regular Vancouverites.

Published last week - one story (in the swan song edition of the venerable WestEnder) "Taxed to death: How Vancouver's small business are falling victim to soaring property tax" chronicles the demise of 30+ year old local business Chocolate Mousse, in the face of unsustainable property tax increases as a direct result of the city's rezoning for the West End Area Plan and inaction on soaring property taxes.

The other story, "Have Vancouver’s policies hindered rental housing more than helped?" published that same week in the Globe chronicles that very same real estate parcel, and the red tape that is strangling developers. To wit: the owners wish to add a personal use penthouse on top of the 104 units of rental housing would not fly under city policy. He's sold the lot to a Chinese real estate investment firm.

Coincidental that both stories about the same location would run the same week - but these sorts of stories are increasingly playing out across our city, and despite promises going back to when they were first elected in 2008, Vision Vancouver have been ineffectual in addressing them.