Pender at Richards, 80 years ago

Wow.. this was the scene at 440 West Pender back in 1932, "The Paris Cafe".. subsequent substantial renovations have removed the big display bay windows and added an access door to the basement. Locals may remember this building across from the Niagara as "The Syndicate" and later "Fashion Junkees", it's currently a hair salon. The basement, which was my Digiboy bunker studio in the late nineties and early twos, and where my now wife and I first shacked up together in the second floor apartments. The building played host to a colourful assortment of artists and musicians over the years, and was rumoured to be the site of a number of art-star Richard Atilla Lucaks' indiscretions.

The building was at one time the consulate of the Phillipines, and during the late fifties held AA meetings that my late step-grandparents attended.

From the Vancouver Archives blog, photo ref#AM1535-: CVA 99-2646