Mayor a day late and a dollar short on issue of pre-sales

Summer 2017, and the mayor is only now hearing concerns about overseas pre-sales & insider trading of #VanRE condos?

We (Vancouver Greens) called out this issue in 2014, the BC Greens called for taxing pre-sales in the BC Election earlier this year, VanRE pundits have been flagging this issue for YEARS.. and all the while, former BC Housing board executive, patron of Vision and BCLiberal parties, holder of $25,000/plate luncheons for the mayor and condo king Bob Rennie has built an empire off the business of pre-sales.

This, despite the mayor's council support for re-zonings targeting overseas pre-sales as recently as last week (Westbank) and historic unwillingness to mandate re-zoning covenants that might limit this sort of egregious speculation.

Amidst a full blown housing crisis, that the mayor only now recognizes there might be some sort of problem with pre-sales worthy of seeking provincial regulation says either incompetence or indifference.


I'm just going to leave this here.
* note date, November 2016. Authored by a journalist known to be well respected and well read by the mayor's office, quoting significant patrons of the mayor's Vision Vancouver party.