Idle No More and A Sign For The New Year

A sign from above and blessings for a new year.
I experienced the most profound and prophetic moment yesterday, at the #IdleNoMore demonstration in front of the Vancouver CBC Plaza.

Spoke with a Squamish matriarch about the past, the present and the future hopes for her granddaughter (pictured) and her people. Spoke about Theresa Spence, the Attawapiskat Chief now in her 20th day of hunger strike. Listened to a drumming song of the Capilano, it relates to the story of how the settlers of early Vancouver started a brush fire clearing land, that quickly grew out of control in the summer of 1886. That fire of course, was Vancouver's Great Fire that virtually wiped out the new city. The drum song was played as paddlers crossed the inlet, from the North Shore to rescue the settlers from the raging inferno that surrounded Gastown.

Then overhead, above the rally, two eagles soared and circled. I'm used to seeing the eagles around the East End, but have never seen them right downtown, above the concrete jungle while the sacred drums echoed amongst the glass towers. It was an auspicious and humbling moment. I was told it was a blessing from the creator. I believe it.

#IdleNoMore — This is the right fight, not just for the dignity and betterment of the First Nations people, but for our environment and the future of this great land.

Friends, a happy new year to you, and here's to better days ahead.