Empty data from Mayor's office on Empty Homes Tax.

A recent tweet from the mayor's office caught my eye

I'd be interested in seeing complete dataset. If EHT is not tracking primary residence but location at time of declaration, and declarations can be made by a proxy — are we tracking local owners, or local realtors/lawyers?

Regardless of where EHTaxed speculation capital may or may not be coming from, proxy or otherwise —a hallmark of Vision's ten-year regime has been these kind of opaque, manufacturing consent PR moves. Show us the data not the spin.

Despite headlines like Friday's in the Vancourier (City releases latest data on Empty Homes Tax) I've searched and yet to find actual data, just curated media release.

This coming election is increasingly about electing a new City government that puts public interest first, working together to tackle the serious issues we face as a city — and that can only be predicated by real and honest transparency. Show us the data.


Originally posted on Twitter https://twitter.com/PtFry