Vision Vancouver is gunning for five of the 10 seats on council in the October 20 election.

The ruling party currently holds the same number on council.

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Earlier this week we told you about a major street closure this summer that will affect commuters who use First Avenue.

While MLAs continue to debate how to regulate ride shares in Vancouver and across BC — here in the Lower Mainland, growth in illegal rideshares has been absolutely explosive!

ig money may continue to influence local elections in B.C., says a former city-council candidate.

The best part of political campaigns is meeting people and reconnecting with our city’s neighbourhoods.

But it’s bittersweet.

With two days of advanced voting completed before general voting day on Oct. 14, Green Party candidate Pete Fry is hoping to join Green Party councillor Adriane Carr on Vancouver's city council.... Read More

I love my job as a Vancouver city councillor. But I’d get a lot more done and the city would be better off if Pete Fry were to join me at the council table.

In 2014, the major parties running candidates in Vancouver’s civic general election released their unaudited donations lists more than a week before election day.


“The biggest issue is what, as a city, we can do for renters,” said Pete Fry...

The by-election race for Vancouver’s vacant City Council seat is the Greens’ to lose.

Despite new campaign donation laws, their influence isn’t over. Second in a series.

Could Green party activist Pete Fry be Vancouver's next city councillor?

Will the winds of political change bring a breath of fresh air for Chinatown?

Longtime social activist and Strathcona resident Pete Fry is officially running for the Green Party in the upcoming provincial byelection in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant.

“We haven’t had an MLA since July, and that’s certainly one of the things that’s resonating with people on the doorstep,” Fry told the Straight in a recent phone interview.

Green candidate Peter Fry, a well-known community activist and one-time municipal nominee, has already started hosting some small events in the neighbourhood in an effort to further raise his... Read More

For many, life in Vancouver—the most livable city in the world in the best place on Earth—is a gilded cage.

“The neighbourhood has a lot of challenges,” Fry said. “But a lot of those challenges are a direct result of provincial issues.”

Fry, son of veteran Liberal MP Hedy Fry, is one of the most transparent politicians running for office.

What is community engagement? Let’s start with what it is not. It’s not random selections of citizens taking direction from the top; it’s not sticky notes and roundtables to record and ignore.

Green Party city council candidate Pete Fry, spoke eloquently about how citizens are often given little opportunity to provide their input into community plans, both in terms of density and height... Read More

Pete Fry rode the train down to Portland in August to take a look at what that city was doing in the way of tackling its homelessness problem.

by YOLANDE COLE on MAR 11, 2014 at 12:45 PM

Many times a day, the people you see crossing the street or meet in your travels make... Read More

The city of Vancouver has spent the last couple of years going through a new Downtown Eastside local area planning process

THE CITY OF Vancouver has boarded up a 122-year-old building in Japantown after it was flooded last night.

Pete Fry, the chairperson of the Strathcona Residents’ Association, said home ownership doesn’t dictate whether a person stays in the neighbourhood and participates in the community.

Residents of Strathcona and other East Vancouver neighbourhoods were out in force Monday morning for a festive protest against plans to demolish the city’s Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts without... Read More

Jordan Yerman - Vancouver Observer

The chair of the Strathcona Residents Association says the citys plan to tear down the Georgia Street viaduct could be a great thing if done right, but he doesnt think the city has a good enough... Read More